The Supreme Check-Up ✔ 5 Hours

The Supreme Check-up is a diagnostic of your business. In it, we outline everything you’ll need to consider for your project: The content, the services, the development, and their costs both long-term and short. We’ll also present you with a clear summary of how you already interact with new and existing clients, and develop some low-to-no-cost strategies to get more “bang for your buck” out of the project.

Web and Design

Logo 1 (quick) ✔ 20 Hours

A basic logo package including multiple image formats and two size variations. Our process features a truncated survey of logos in your field, a comprehensive assessment of your company’s goals and priorities, and a sample board of logos and designs based on your feedback.

Logo 2 (full branded) ✔ 50 Hours

An in-depth and detailed logo design package including four logo size variations, business cards, letterhead, social media icons, multiple image formats, and detailed, real world use examples. Our process features a full-on, multiple page research document that contains a detailed competitive analysis and comprehensive assessment of your company’s goals and priorities, as well as multiple sample boards and plenty of discussion about what works best for your business.

Website 1 (template) ✔ 10 Hours

A basic website that reflects your business needs and concerns. Our process relies on the data collected from your Value Directive to inform how you stand out among similar business websites, content strategy, and a tailor-made design reflecting your business’s aesthetics and concerns.

Website 2 (template+copy+images) ✔ 40 Hours

A full-on, total package website that improves the public-facing image of your business and streamlines your relationship with customers. We build insight and innovation through research and interviews, and create a website that is based completely on your individual needs, preferences, and how you do business.

Website 3 (+E-commerce+testing ) ✔ 80 Hours

A full-on, total package website that improves the public-facing image of your business, streamlines your relationship with customers, and sells your product in an engaging and exciting way. We build insight and innovation through research and interviews, and create an e-commerce solution that is based completely on your individual needs, preferences, and how you do business.

3 D's ✔ discovery, design, develop (introductory) (solutions. 2-4 pg doc) 1 ✔ 10 Hours

A custom research document for your business that highlights areas for growth and refinement. Our research process was developed with the goal of streamlining your business practices, increasing your revenue and showing you the way to get there. We look for the trouble spots and provide key insight where you’re most in need.

3 D's ✔ discovery, design, develop (intensive) (R&D for solutions, qualitative research 10-12 pg doc) 2 ✔ 40 Hours

Our comprehensive research document features a detailed look into your business, your employees, and your customers. Through a focus on the people surrounding your business, we discover areas for refinement that will save you time and money. Not only will your business be stronger and more profitable when we are finished, but you will have a comprehensive written plan complete with detailed strategies and insight that puts you shoulders-above your competition.


Technical support ✔ 1 Hour

We’re on call 24/7 for our clients. If you’ve got a technical emergency, we’ll be there for you when you need us most.

Email Management ✔ 5 Hours

Buried under an inbox? Let us help setup your email account to be more efficient and integrated with your day-to-day operations. We’ll add filters, rules, improve signatures, and even help streamline how you interact with others.

Cloud Computing & Backup ✔ 5 Hours

We’ll get you backed-up and organized online. Don’t let your files and information get erased by system crashes and lost devices. Your information is important, and protecting it shouldn’t be left to chance.

Hosting and Domain Management ✔ 5 Hours

Not only can we build you a website, we can host it as well. Both new and existing websites are something we’re happy to manage and provide support and maintenance for.

Technology Consultation ✔ 5 Hours

Stop being frustrated by your technology, and let us get it working for you. We provide on-site and remote training for all of your devices and software, and pride ourselves on finding a solution that “just works” for you.

Hardware/Software Optimization ✔ 5 Hours

Optimizing your hardware and software for a better, more efficient workflow will shave time off of your daily tasks. We’re here to take a look at how you’re currently using your devices and programs, and implement more effective and cost-sensitive ways of getting work done.

Retail Biz Consulting

Biz build out 1 (POS, inventory, work flow, synergies) ✔ 20 Hours

Ready to get started on your own business, selling products and/or services? We take a look at your vision and goals, apply it to real world scenarios, and develop solutions that maximize your efforts. From matching your inventory system to your point of sale software, to picking the smartest way to keep your team connected— you'll be ready to roll with confidence, and able focus on making those registers ring.

Biz build out 2 (+brand research, in-store policies, in-store strategies) ✔ 60 Hours

So this is your first time building your business and you want to know what exactly your customers need and want? Let us develop your concept from physical to digital so merchandise sells itself with the pitch perfect tone of your sales team to your email marketing. We can find the right brands that match your style, teach you where to find the next big things and show you the right ways to help them fly off the shelf. Not only that, you will be armed with fun, informative guidebooks that are tailored to your sensibility that teach your staff and team how to sell what you do the right way.

Brand Research ✔ 10 Hours

Keep your store fresh! We show you the best place to find what matches your already round product assortment, while also increasing visibility through fresh, exciting new products.

Inventory Management ✔ 8 Hours

Your point of sale software not talking to your inventory? Your inventory management holding up your ability to get products sold? We’ve been there, and know that sales and inventory departments don’t need to be mutually exclusive. We setup your backend so you can get more sales, and spend less time doing it.

Sales Channels Strategy ✔ 5 Hours

Curious if there's a new audience for what you do but don't know how to get their eyes on your product? Whether you're a maker who's new to selling to boutiques or you're a brick and mortar that wants to diversify their sales audience, we know how to find you a new market.

Product Assortment ✔ 5 Hours

Whether stepping into a new selection of products, or refining your current offering, we’ll help you make educated, appropriate choices. We choose the right buys with balanced selections of merchandise that keep you ahead of the curve.

Content Media

Copy (Technical) ✔ one and done ✔ 15 Hours

When you need to say that boring thing in the least boring way possible, we’re at your service. Whether it’s a website, a brochure, or a presentation, we craft compelling and easily readable copy that is built around your priorities and goals.

Copy (Advertising) ✔ social media/ email marketing - ongoing - 10 Hours

Great words get attention. Help your business stand-out through compelling, exciting copy that delights and informs your customers. We know how to get and (more importantly) keep the eyeballs on your message.

Copy (Editorial) ✔ one and done - 3 Hours

Original, exciting copy is our specialty. If you need unique, specific written content and you need it fast, we can often get you something in short order.

Digital Assets (choice of photography, retouching, motion graphics, video) ✔ 10 Hours

Visual assets can set you apart and engage your customers in a way that leaves a lasting impression. Whether it’s photography, retouching, motion graphics, or video, we produce quick and affordable assets that have your concerns and aesthetics in mind.

Marketing Collateral ✔ 15 Hours

Set yourself apart with unique and on-message marketing collateral. We’ll provide you with a brochure or ad package that both informs and delights with visuals and text.

Social Media Planning ✔ 10 Hours

Social media is the best way to connect with your audience, but what’s the best way for you to do that? We develop a strategy tailored around your priorities and how you work, building you a presence that’s organized, engaged, and consistent.

Branding Package ✔ 20 Hours

It’s the surrounding touches that often help your brand stand out. Our branding package takes your existing branding and builds it out across your business. Cards, menus, social media icons, Yelp profile— you name it. We put more of you into everything you do.