(Instead of faking 3rd person, we wrote each other’s bios.)

Jenny Schlief Morgan


Jenny Schlief Morgan is a force. She has two art degrees from The University of Texas, a decade of experience in the art market both organizing and running magazines, nonprofits and galleries for herself and others. She built an amazing store for four years, and has an expansive knowledge of American-made consumer goods and domestic manufacturing second to absolutely nobody. Her employees loved her, and her customers revered her. She’s been a successful leader, a designer of brands, and an artist so progressive her art shut down a museum. Her knowledge of visual culture is so prescient, so apt it would be mentally exhausting for me to list the ways her projects have predated and predicted trend over the decade we’ve known each other. In short, she’s the strongest and most capable person I’ve ever met.

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Gene Morgan


I met Gene Morgan at the club, and he immediately struck me as magnetic. He was easy to hang out with, easy to laugh with and, no shit, a great dancer. He understands the world in a quiet, patient way that I admire. His unique skill of building platforms and experiences online that people copy and love is something rare and special. Htmlgiant is probably the best representation of this (RIP), but ask around, there are quite a few. Together, we’ve put on art shows, concerts, built stores, and developed small businesses. He's consistently up to the task being an MC, host, editor, referee, thinker, poet, dad, business man, manager, leader, listener and consultant, and it's his very pleasant, inclusive, startlingly-on-point manner that makes him the person people go to when they need clarity.

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